Take Care of Yourself, Man!

DIY Beauty Products Every Man Needs!

When it comes to skincare for guys, the first impression I get is always: “OH, I’m a guy, I don’t care about my skin!” BUT who said skincare is only for women?

I’ve recently read an article about skincare for guys and it turns out to be very useful when I shared it with my guy friends. “That ‘just got out of bed’ look isn’t going to be cute forever. Beauty maintenance can be expensive” Haha! That is right!

I understand some guys will feel embarrassed to buy skincare in stores; Here are a few tips on making your own DIY man skincare. Being handsome is not a crime, it will enhance your appearance and also your confidence.

FEW steps to create your “PERFECT” skincare products:

1. Lemongrass Foaming Face Cleanser


2.Tea Tree Moisturizing Balm


3. Blackhead Removal Cream


4. Sandalwood Shaving Cream


5. Beard Oil 


6. Beard Balm


7. Spicy Peppermint Aftershave


8. Chamomile Aftershave Lotion


9.  Coffee- Infused Under Eye Cream


10.  Hair Pomade


Guys, next time you want to approach someone you are interested in, feel free to always come back here and use these steps! GOOD LUCK!

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