About to Get “Real” Personal with Beauty Apps

People with bad skins will always feel personal when it comes to buying skincare. Why? Because those beauty professionals will always remind you how bad your skin is and how useful their brands are…

Sometimes, not every brands are suitable for you! There are just so many different types of skin conditions out there and we really need to check our skin first before buying any skin products.

I recently found this beauty App that’s called “SkinBetter.” Basically this app is a dermatologist-grade scanning technology that can identify your biggest skin issues and will provide recommendations for products that will treat those issues. This app was designed by this brand called SkinBetter, and by using social media and apps to promote for their brand is just cleaver!


Now, you don’t have to worry about other people touching your skin and talking about your skin!


Best Beauty Brands on Social Media

There are so many beauty brands out there nowadays and yet we still don’t know which ones to choose. Here’s where social media comes in handy!

Social media sites like Instagram, Twitter and Facebook have become our daily routine so why not make it useful? Skin care YouTubers are starting to upload their materials on their social media sites. Their skin care tips and photos on social media can be advice for which beauty brands are the best.

Famous online skincare/makeup artist, Michelle Phan is an inspiring person that uses social media anywhere she could to connect with her audience. Her Instagram contains 1.8  MILLIONS of followers and her tips on skincare and makeup are what young adults are following these days!

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Her recent YouTube update is just what I’ve been searching for! I just find it fascinating about how she could literally DIY any skincare and solve any skin problems!

Take advantage of all the beauty perks social media has to offer and find your perfect beauty brands!