Snail Your Skin for Instant Smoothness

gty_snail_beauty_mt_141016_16x9_992                               HOW?

Snails may seem to be the laziest insects,
BUT they have become the most popular insects on earth!    

“Snail gel began with the ancient Greeks and was later rediscovered by Chilean farmers who noticed their hands were softer after touching snail secretion,”  said Andrew McDougall on Cosmetics Design.

Snail skin care has been trending in Korea for more than FIVE years and it is finally here! It may sound disgusting when you hear people putting real snails on their face but it is definitely the next big thing on social media! Despite the fact that it smooth your skin, it also cures acne scarring.

It’s definitely worth a shot to try in my opinion. There are some skin care products in the market that contains snail extract nowadays; for example, the Organic Doctor Snail Gel that contains snail secretion combing with healthy-aging gel and organic Aloe Vera, great for skin hydration!


Tony Moly’s Intense Care Snail Eye Mask Jumbo is also another great choice to try out! It tightens your under-eye area with snail gel.


Mizon All-in-One Snail Repair Cream reduces scarring, fights, wrinkles, hydrates and decreases blemishes.


Natural and Organic ingredients are always the best source food for our skin. If you don’t mind putting a real snail on your face, it actually has a better and faster effect on your skin! It is definitely  time to try out the newest spa service, our snail buddy spa!